Sveikiname LKTI doktorantą Denisą Petriną, kurio straipsnis „De/syn/chrono/biopolotics. Precarious Present, (Un)certain Future(s)“ žurnale trópos pripažintas geriausia 2021 m. Jaunojo mokslininko publikacija.

Straipsnio santrauka (anglų k.)

This essay argues that current neoliberal regime is primarily characterized by
synchronicity as its main mode of temporality. My claim is that despite the apparent
impression that the imperative of synchronicity enhances the subject’s capacity to act
in time and therefore shape her future, it instead hinders it. #is observation leads
to a critical re–examination of the dominant mode of temporality and necessitates
the development of a new conceptual apparatus that accounts for both synchronical
production of subjectivity and intrinsic to it (bio)political implications. I offer the
synthetic notion of synchronobiopolitics as a means to look closely at how contemporary
biopower synchronizes with subject’s productive affects and, vice versa, makes her
synchronize with it. The essay starts with the analysis of precarious socioeconomic
conditions of production and then moves to the exploration of epistemontological
premises of synchronobiopolitics, so as to provide a detailed account of the affective
mechanics of the latter. Particular attention is paid to the problem of the future, its
construction under synchrobiopolitical conditions, and possible ways to resist synchronization
and thus participate in the production of alternative future(s).

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